Creative Writing

I have some creative writing projects that are in the works. Below I describe them and where I am with them.

Two Moon Rebellion

On a planet with 4 moons, 2 of which have rebelled against the government and instituted their own government, Sparks has just left the military and is applying for a job with th planetary police force. During the application process, he starts to see discrepancies in the way that punishment is meted out. His discoveries lead to big changes, both for himself and for the planetary system.

I have finished the first draft of this novel and I am currently working on the first round of edits. My plan is to self publish this book on CreateSpace. I have started to work on the cover art for the book and I plan on revising it and using it on the book.

Knight Mare Order

A man finds out that his dreams are actually a battle going on in a place that humans have trouble comprehending.

I am almost done with the first draft of this novel. When I am done with Two Moon Rebellion, I will finish the first draft and then start editing it. I don’t know if I will work on the cover art for this one. I am also planning on self publishing this book on CreateSpace.


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