NaNo Artwork: Characters

Now that my first draft is simmering, I have some time to blog about some of the artwork for Two Moon Rebellion. I have already shown you the second draft of the cover art. Now, I am going to show you some of the characters. I used a fantastic website called HeroMachine. It allows you to create characters with just a point and click.

I have created several uniforms for the Defense Regiment, and I have used colors to differentiate the ranks. Here is a picture of a Captain in the various uniforms:

Regiment Captain

And here is a picture of the dress uniform of each of the ranks:

Regiment Dress

This is what a Keeper Sergeant looks like in each of the Keepers uniforms:


Here is the dress uniform of each of the ranks in the Keepers:


And finally, here is my main character, Sparks, in his civilian clothes:

Sparks Body

I highly recommend HeroMachine for any novelist who wants to see what their characters look like on the screen. It is easy to use, and you can save and download the images.


About DJ

My name is DJ, and I am starting my third career. My first was a ten year career in theatre, where I worked with some big names and in four states. My second career was working on computers, fixing them and programming them. Now I am starting a career as a writer.
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