3 Responses to New Logos

  1. Might want to do some research into what makes a good logo before you go any further. 1 – simplicity is key. 2. no using hobo.


    • DJ says:

      Thank you for your feedback! I agree that simplicity is important. Between the two ideas so far, I am going to lean towards the silhouette. My client has asked for one of the looks to feature a realistic set of quads, so I am creating that. The third look is going to feature a keyboard instrument layout, which will be another simple design.

      As far as using the Hobo font, it is not one that I would usually use. I do like how DrummMom looks with the curves, but I am not happy with Percussion Instruction yet. I know that some say that you should never use Hobo, but I haven’t seen any good reasons. The reason that I don’t usually use it is because it has no descendents and I don’t like the look of j y g q and p when they don’t extend beyond the bottom of the rest of the letters. In this case, there are no descendents. Just out of curiosity, which font would you choose and why?

      Again, thank you for taking the time look at my designs and giving me some feedback.


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