More 3D Graphics

I started updating the Magic Ball animation.  The old one was done with Photoshop.  This one is being done in Blender.

So far there is a stage, proscenium, a block to represent a curtain, and some footlights.  Here it is with the footlights at about 10%:


And here it is with the footlights up to 70%:


The proscenium will get some decoration, the curtain will be improved, and there will be more lighting.  And, of course, the magic ball and all of the tricks.


About DJ

My name is DJ, and I am starting my third career. My first was a ten year career in theatre, where I worked with some big names and in four states. My second career was working on computers, fixing them and programming them. Now I am starting a career as a writer.
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