Why Do Churches Need a Website?

There are many reasons that churches need a website.  It is important to remember that there are two distinct audiences that will visit the website: those who regularly attend the church and those who don’t.  People who regularly attend will want to know what events are coming up, updates on events that have happened recently, and opportunities to become involved in different ministries.  For those who do not attend regularly, they will want to know the basic information about the church, why they should choose this particular church, and the basic beliefs of the church.  If a church covers these items, their website will be a useful resource for all who visit.

People who attend regularly will be interested in what is going on at the church.  They will want to know about any events coming up, such as fund raisers, dinners, or musical programs.  The website is a great place to keep the congregation up to date with more information than can be said during announcements or placed in the bulletin.  A church can also post updates about recent events.  They can include pictures, videos, and stories about these events.  This way, those who did not attend can see what they missed.  One other thing that people who attend regularly will want to see is what ministries are available to become involved in.  Each church has a different set of ministries that serve their communities.  The website can have information about each ministry, including who to contact, how to contact them, and details about what the ministry does.  This can help people find where they can be of most help to the church.

For people who do not attend a particular church regularly will benefit from the above items, but they will also need more information.  Basic information like the address and phone number is essential to people who have not yet been to this church.  It is amazing how many websites make this information so hard to find.  The church website is a great place to inform people why they should choose their church.  It is also a good place to spell out the basic beliefs of the church, such as the specific denomination and what it means to be that denomination.  In addition, many churches live-stream their services so that people can see how the service is run and help them make a decision about perhaps visiting some day.

A successful church website has information for both regular attendees and those who have never been to their church.  It will have news about upcoming events, updates on past events, and information about ministries that people can get involved it.  It will also contain basic infromation about the church, why a person should choose this church, and the basic beliefs that this church believes.


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