My name is DJ, and I am a freelancer writer and blogger. I enjoy covering a variety of subjects, including baseball, diabetes, freelancing, and personal finance. I have a diverse background that includes being a web developer, graphic designer, and a professional stagehand. This background helps me write from different perspectives for a variety of audiences.

What can I do for you?

I am available to write web content, blog posts, and articles covering a multitude of subjects. Each of these can be used to build your brand and convey your message. Send me an email to find out just what I can do to help your business.

Web content is often the first impression that a potential customer has of your company. It is critically important that this impression is a good one. It needs to combine the tone that you want to deliver with SEO. While SEO is important, it should not cover up the message and personality of the company.

Blog posts can be used to interact with your customer base. They can give a more informal message that speaks to customers on a more human level. Responding to comments and questions can help form relationships with those customers.

Articles can be used to drive traffic to your web site. They can be used to inform potential customers and to establish your expertise.


Tell me what you think

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